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Smart Property: Edinburgh’s smartest letting agency


Being a landlord presents a variety of challenges but as your partner and expert, we guide you through the whole process, working toward the solution that fits your needs. We will ensure your investment and property are completely protected, and that you are 100% compliant with all legal requirements. With Smart Property you have complete peace of mind.

We are confident that we will surpass your expectations, so please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Getting your property ready

  • We can help you with an upgrade, or a full refurbishment of your property before renting, and help you decide on whether you want to provide a furnished or unfurnished property
  • If you don’t already have the necessary safety certificates, we can arrange these for you. We can oversee the installation of any smoke or heat detectors
  • We can also arrange for your property to be cleaned prior to a tenancy starting

Finding your next tenant

  • Getting the right tenant for your property is important, and Smart Property advertise on Rightmove, S1 Homes, Citylets, Zoopla and Rightmove so we can attract a wide range of applicants
  • When arranging viewings, we make give everyone an individual time slot so we have the chance to meet them properly, and chat through what they are looking for
  • We will always update you on applications, giving you full details of employment, children etc
  • We carry out in-house referencing including employment confirmation, affordability of rent, previous landlord referencing, and banking validation. Guarantors are also checked and included on the lease documents


  • In line with the new letting agent code of practice, we provide landlords and tenants with a dedicated, ring fenced account, separate to our main business account. We also have Client Money Protection insurance for your peace of mind
  • We will always let you know about any deductions from your rent for repairs, factoring charges etc, before we take it from your rent
  • We have no hidden charges and all our landlord services are included in the monthly management fee

During the tenancy

  • We carry out the first inspection two months after the tenant has moved in, and then every six months to ensure your property and investment is well-maintained and cared for
  • We respond to all tenant notifications of problems and will always advise you first before carrying out any repairs
  • We review market rents for every new tenancy
  • A full inventory is carried out for every new tenancy, and a final check out report at the end


At Smart Property, we know that, for tenants, a rental property isn’t just ‘a flat’. It’s your home.

We will listen to your needs and help you find the perfect property. We’ll help you settle in and ensure you can enjoy your new home to its fullest, at all times delivering a friendly and efficient service.

We really do pride ourselves on being one of the best letting agents in Edinburgh, which includes caring for our tenants and treating you with the respect and service you deserve.

Whether you need a rental property for six months of six years, we’ll work to help you find it.

We offer a pet-friendly policy, so why not contact us to find out whether we can help you and your new four-legged friend find your next home.

Important Information for all Tenants;

If think you can smell gas, or believe there to be a gas leak in a property, call the Transco Emergency line on 0800 111 999. Transco is duty bound to send out an engineer within 4-6 hours to check over the property.

Inventory Report

You will be sent a copy of the inventory report for the property.

This is a detailed, photographic report that reflects the condition of the property on the start date of your tenancy agreement.

The inventory must be signed and returned to us within two weeks of moving in, with any comments you wish to add. If we don’t receive the inventory s within this time frame, we shall assume you are in agreement with the report and that no amendments are needed.

It is important you keep a copy of the inventory report for your records as, when you come to vacate the property, you will need to refer to it to ensure you leave the property as you received it.

Council Tax & Utility Information

Gas & Electricity Bills:

On the inventory will be a copy of the gas and electric readings for the start of your tenancy. We shall email the utility provider these readings to ask that a new account is opened in your name, and that all bills from your tenancy start date should be sent to the property for payment. Any bill prior to your tenancy start date you won’t be liable for, please pass any bills on to us to deal with.

At the end of your tenancy it is your responsibility to close down your account, we cannot do this for you as we are not the named person on the account.

If you do not know who supplies your gas and electricity when you move home, you can contact MPAS on 08452709101 and they will confirm who your electricity supplier is. For your gas supplier please call Transco on 08706081524.

Council Tax:

We inform the council of your entry date to the property where you will be liable for the council tax during your tenancy.

Should you have any queries regarding council tax, parking permits or bin collection days please contact the City of Edinburgh Council directly on 0131 200 2000. They will be able to confirm the answers to your questions.

If you need any guidance or have any issues with council tax, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to assist.

Please note all students must register with the council in order to exempt themselves from paying any council tax. We will need a copy of this for our records when you come to vacate the property.

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